Bull Tahr & Red Stag Hunt 2015

NZ Bull Tahr Hunt - 2015 Hunting Safari

Another beautiful day to fly into the Southern Alps for 2 nights hunting.

Roger Heintzam, a Taxidermist from South Dakota was keen on taking himself home a Bull Tahr.

We set up camp and wandered up the creek for some glassing, we found Bulls and Nannies but were too far away to pursue, as night was nearing, so we found a good place to just sit and glass and take in the evening beauty of the mountains.

Upon doing this we saw a group of nannies and bulls that were worth a closer look, so up we got and started walking until the wind changed and they got our scent and moved on.

So it was back to the camp site for us, for tea and a hot cup of soup, but as we were descending, we spotted an old lone Bull not too far from our camp.

We made a quick stalk before it got dark and Roger managed to secure his trophy Bull Tahr in one clean shot.

Dinner was well deserved that night after a lot of walking and sleep was sound.

Next morning we were flown back to the Lodge and re grouped for our next hunt … A Red Stag.

The morning started off cool and frosty as we headed into the hills, we looked over lots of country and saw plenty of quality trophies but not “The One” for Roger.

As the day progressed we found a group of stags that Roger was very interested in and wanted a closer look, which happened to be a wise move as there was one that definitely took his fancy.

We got within 150 yards of it, and then had to play the waiting game as he was bedded down in the afternoon sun.

Finally, he decided to get up to feed, this was Roger’s opportunity and he made a great shot, as you can see in the photo’s.

Chamois Hunt 2015

With the Trophy Chamois Hunting 2015

2 North Island men, on a mission, to shoot a Chamois!

After a not so quick trip to the Supermarket after a Queenstown airport pickup, we drove over the Crown Range Rd to Makaroara where we met the helicopter.

Once helicopter was loaded with the necessities (and guns & ammo) we took off into the majestic Southern Alps to find a suitable camping site in an area that I had previously scouted out for Chamois.

Over the next 5 days we experienced great hunting, saw lots of animals (Chamois & Red Deer), plenty of wildlife native to NZ, spectacular sunsets, breath taking scenery and managed to secure a great trophy Chamois and an old nanny for camp meat.

As the photo’s suggest, the weather was awesome and Michael and Andrew wished they were from the South Island, so are coming back to do it all over again in 2016.

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