Clothing & Equipment

New Zealand’s climate is temperate but also very variable. During our hunting season, temperatures can fluctuate from zero degrees u to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Usually we have cold mornings with the day warming up till mid-afternoon and cool/cold evenings. We are an island nation and the weather is subject to rapid and often unpredictable change. We often have a combination of cold and wet conditions (not unlike South East Alaska in Fall). Heavily insulated clothing and boots are NOT recommended, as they are hard to dry out in damp conditions.

Avoid cotton clothing, in favour of wool or quick-drying modern outdoor fabrics.

To cater for variable conditions, we suggest a “layered” clothing system, so that you can easily dress up/down as conditions change i.e. base layer (thermal), mid layer (insulating) and outer layer (water/wind proof).
Several companies manufacture excellent hunting clothing that is well suited to our conditions. We have listed some of the websites

Recommended Gear List

Base Layer:

  • Thermal Underwear – Check out the Icebreaker range
  • 2 pairs of gloves:
    • 1 pair thin polypropylene, wool, or possum/wool mix
    • 1 pair thick insulated leather or gortex
  • Socks – Wool or wool mix Icebreaker or Smartwool socks
  • Hat – Balaclava or insulated stocking cap – as well as your usual hunting cap.

Mid Layer:

  • 2 pair hunting trousers – light/medium weight
  • 2 medium weight shirts (fleece or wool)
  • 1 light weight jacket
  • 1 warm hunting jacket – windstopper fabric is recommended

Check out the Stoney Creek Range

Outer layer:

  • Windproof/waterproof shell
  • Waterproof overpants and waterproof jacket – gortex or similar
  • Gaiters (puttees) to keep snow, sticks and stones out of your boots.


  • We recommend mid-weight hiking boots
  • There is no need to bring heavily insulated boots to NZ
  • Pack boots and boots without hiking soles are also unsuitable
  • Ensure your boots are comfortable and “broken in”.
  • When entering the country, make sure your boots are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Meindel make excellent boots that are well suited to NZ hunting conditions.

Other Equipment:


Good quality 8-10 power binoculars

We can supply spotting scopes, but feel welcome to bring your own.

We use Swarovski, Leica, Zeiss and Steiner

Small day Pack:

With hydration system.


Or small flashlight


With 4-6 rolls of film or digital with your charger.


Your rifle:

  • Bring at least 40 rounds of ammunition that you are familiar with, good quality bullets Partition or Barnes Triple Shocks. Make sure you have spent time familiarising yourself with your rifle before you arrive. Zero at 200 yards. Most of the shots taken in NZ conditions are 100-250 yards. Ability to shoot accurately at longer ranges is an advantage
  • A vari-power rifle scope is preferable. Suitable magnification is the 3-16 power range
  • Be prepared for low light conditions in some circumstances
  • Case your rifle well
  • Check your airlines website to determine their baggage requirements for firearms/ammunition.


Medication/personal items:

It is recommended that you bring at least 2 timed the required stay days for prescriptions and daily-required medicines for the duration of the trip to New Zealand. These should also NOT be packed in your luggage, but taken on as carry-on to avoid problems if baggage is lost or delayed. Also, it is a good idea to bring an extra pair of glasses, contacts and daily cleaner, and other ‘essential’ items for your trip.

Laundry facilities will be available throughout your trip.